Want to start 2019 in the best shape possible? Here are a few tips for staying healthy during the Christmas season when you may already be feeling the Christmas bloat!

Healthy eating and hydration!

healthy eating during the Christmas season

Much of Christmas is centered around eating and drinking – sugary foods and alcohol playing a star role. We all know that what we eat directly affects your energy levels and weight with festivities leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated. Keep hydrated and alternate alcoholic drinks with water, this will help avoid you reaching for the unhealthy foods also. Why not try replacing unhealthy treats with healthy alternatives, what’s your favourite? We’re talking about Modafinil. There’s a big difference between taking 200 mg modafinils a day, and mixing them with other substances. Felt naughty having a this medicine and two beers the other night. Seeing these guys taking 200 mg a day. Like alcohol or opioids. But your average Modafinil user usually don’t smoke opioids or heroin. But man, I hope he gets help. God bless You, and everyone else who has the disease.

Keep up exercise

No-one enjoys that January return to the gym with excess kilos so try to swap in other social activities in place of eating and drinking. Given you’re likely to be eating and drinking more, keeping active is now more important than ever, especially if you suffer from aches and pains. 30 minutes of daily activity should be achievable, particularly if you have time off. So gather your family and friends and get moving!

Take time to relax

staying healthy and relaxing during christmas

Daily life can be stressful, and by the time you get to the end of the year you’re certainly ready to relax however, for many reasons, Christmas can also be a time of stress. Getting enough rest is pretty important to make sure you’re feeling good for the start of the new year. Try to get enough sleep to keep your stress levels down and immune system strong. Book in time for yourself to take a walk, read a book, watch your favourite film or curl up with the dog/cat. Rest is as important as keeping active so make it a priority for staying healthy during the Christmas Season.


Have a happy and healthy Christmas Season!